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Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Have your wisdom teeth grown through yet? Not everyone get theirs; some people only get one or two while a fortunate few have none. Third molars (otherwise known as wisdom teeth) can cause a lot of trouble if they don’t develop correctly. If yours start to bother you, then you may need wisdom tooth removal in Sydney. Our Toothsome team is ready to help!

Here at Toothsome, we endeavour to answer all of your questions about third molars and wisdom teeth extraction. We want to be sure you fully understand the procedure and feel comfortable before proceeding with treatment. So hopefully, this information will give you a thorough introduction to the procedure for wisdom tooth removal which Sydney patients love us for.

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Simple vs. Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal

A simple extraction is when the Sydney dental surgeon pulls out a wisdom tooth without having to do much to it. An impacted tooth needs to be surgically-exposed by opening up the gum and bone before removing the tooth. We do both procedures here at Toothsome!

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed

Getting any tooth extracted can be a scary prospect. Understandably, you might be a little nervous about having your wisdom teeth removed. The good news is that wisdom tooth removal is a very common and routine surgical dental procedure here at Toothsome in Sydney. The bad news however is that often wisdom teeth are notorious for causing problems. So, having wisdom teeth removal Sydney dental surgeon could potentially benefit your smile in later years.

We welcome new patients whether you’ve been referred by your Dentist or would like to book with us directly.

Please call us for an initial consultation with Dr. Willis or Dr. Chou or Dr. Rodricks.

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Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Third molars are difficult to clean

Wisdom teeth are located far back in your mouth where you may struggle to properly floss and brush them. If you can’t keep your wisdom teeth clean, you’re more likely to develop problems that will lead to tooth extraction, anyway. Wisdom teeth removal Sydney preemptively, can spare you any unnecessary discomfort.

Wisdom teeth are prone to infections

When you can’t efficiently remove food debris and plaque from your third molars, you’re at greater risk of developing decay in your molars and periodontal disease in the gums around them. If you extract your wisdom teeth, you reduce the chances that such infections will spread to other areas in your mouth.

Impaction is a common issue for wisdom teeth

Most people in Sydney don’t have enough space in their mouths to accommodate wisdom teeth, so when the third molars attempt to come in, they do so at an unhealthy angle. This results in impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted third molars need to be surgically removed.

Wisdom teeth can ruin your tooth alignment

If you don’t have enough room in your mouth for wisdom teeth, they can push against your other teeth as they grow in and cause crowding. Removing those third molars before they have a chance to ruin your tooth alignment can help you maintain healthy tooth alignment.

Wisdom teeth can cause sinus pain

Your upper wisdom teeth may need to be removed if they’ve grown too close to your sinus cavity.

Do your wisdom teeth need to come out?

If you live in Sydney and notice any of these signs, then you should call Toothsome right away.

● Swollen gums
● Pain upon opening your mouth
● A bad taste or foul breath odour coming from the back of your mouth
● Bleeding from around your wisdom teeth
● Constantly getting food trapped between your wisdom teeth and the gum tissue covering them

wisdom teeth removal sydney

Sedation Options for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney

Toothsome is the perfect clinic in Sydney to get your wisdom teeth extracted because we can provide the full range of anaesthesia options. These include:

● Local anaesthesia
● Twilight sedation
● General anaesthesia

We have hospital admission rights at local accredited hospitals in Sydney. We can arrange for you to have general anaesthetic or sedation for any procedure including wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom tooth removal expert Dr. Willis also has admitting rights at Macquarie St Day Surgery and Chatswood Private Hospital.

By working with these local Sydney hospitals, we can provide you with general anaesthesia by a Specialist Anaesthetist at a very affordable rate. At our Baulkham Hills and Chatswood clinics, we offer local anaesthesia and twilight sedation.

Our dental sedation provisions can make your wisdom tooth removal procedure a comfortable and affordable one.

Who Will Remove Your Wisdom Teeth in Sydney?

Dr. David Willis is your wisdom tooth expert here at Toothsome. He has 15 years of extensive experience in performing both simple and complicated wisdom tooth extractions near the nerve. Because he is a Dental Surgeon and Medical Practitioner who has chosen to focus on wisdom teeth removal Sydney, Dr. Willis is highly skilled in extracting wisdom teeth from both asleep and awake patients in Sydney.

Our past and current Sydney patients appreciate Dr. Willis for his honesty, skill and professionalism.

Dr. David Willis is a Medical Doctor and Dental Surgeon and has multiple qualifications:

● Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Honours)
● Bachelor of Surgery
● Bachelor of Medicine

Dr. Willis is associated with scientific affiliations, as well, including:

● Australian Medical Association
● International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
● Royal Society of Medicine

Are you looking for a skilled professional to treat your third molars? We know that you’ll love working with Dr. Willis to remove troublesome wisdom teeth!

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Process of Wisdom Teeth Removal at Toothsome, Sydney

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted usually only happens once, so if you’ve never before had any teeth removed, then you may be a little anxious about the procedure.

Here’s what you can expect when you visit Toothsome for Sydney wisdom tooth removal.

In-depth Initial Consultation

We will meet with you to carefully examine your wisdom teeth and answer all of your questions. We take our time for this part since we don’t want you to feel rushed. This visit can take up to an hour and you should leave our Sydney clinic with a comprehensive treatment plan, preparatory instructions and a date for your wisdom tooth surgery. If you need more information before starting treatment, we will meet with you again at no charge to address your concerns.

Day of Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

After ensuring that you are comfortable, Dr Willis will begin the procedure. He will carefully open up the gum and bone tissue around your wisdom tooth to expose it and then remove the tooth either as a whole or in sections. After the tooth is gone, Dr Willis will seal up the surgical site with dissolvable stitches.

Rest up After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Sydney surgical dental clinic Toothsome will send you home with gauze, necessary medications and after-care instructions to encourage a fast and healthy recovery. You will also have our after-hours phone number to contact us if you have any questions or concerns when you get home.

Receive Our Follow-Up Call

Either Dr Willis or his wife, Specialist Periodontist Dr Patty Chou, call their Sydney patients the day after surgical procedures to see how they’re doing. You can call us at any time of the day or night after your wisdom tooth removal or surgical procedure if you have any questions or concerns.

Take Advantage of a Complimentary Review

You can see Dr Willis a week or two after your wisdom tooth removal procedure if you want to find out how well your mouth is healing. Dr Willis will also see you at any point before or after the review appointment if you have any concerns or questions. These visits are complimentary as we want to ensure your mouth is healing well.

Why Choose Toothsome for Your Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Here at Toothsome, we’re the first choice for wisdom tooth removal for many patients from all over Sydney, Canberra and the rest of NSW. We have a reputation for excellence, and we invite you to test that reputation out for yourself.

At Toothsome, you’ll discover that:

● Our fees are extremely competitive
● We pay close attention to the details
● We provide high level of professional care with a personal touch
● We truly are knowledgeable experts in wisdom tooth removal
● We take our time to get to know you before making treatment recommendations about your wisdom teeth
● We explain treatment options thoroughly so that you can make an informed and autonomous decision

Because we’re a Sydney dental surgical team that focuses on specific treatments such as wisdom tooth removal it gives us profound and detailed insights into the procedure and enables us to perform quick and gentle extractions.

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Tooth Extraction Sydney---Schedule Your Consultation

Worried about your wisdom teeth?

Whether your third molars are becoming troublesome, or you just want to have them checked to find out if they need extraction, then contact us to book an appointment.

We have same day appointments available for your Wisdom Tooth Assessment Consultation so call us today to schedule your visit at either our Chatswood or Baulkham Hills clinic in Sydney.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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