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Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery – What Can You Expect?

wisdom teeth removal recovery sydney

The experienced dental practitioners at Toothsome apply their skills and expertise to ensure our patients a speedy wisdom teeth removal recovery.

Despite the anxiety that the procedure might conjure up for some patients, wisdom tooth removal is a relatively common procedure and, when performed with the appropriate skill and care, most patients are able to recover to full function quickly.


What Are The Wisdom Teeth And Why Are They Removed?

Your wisdom teeth are a second set of molars, located at the back of your jaw. In some people the wisdom teeth present problems or complications and need to be removed. If your wisdom teeth do not present with problems, there is no reason to remove them.

Some of the most common complications include the wisdom teeth becoming impacted, misalignment of the teeth and infection.

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to infection because the tooth only emerges in part; the other part is under the gum. This can allow bacteria access to the gums, creating a higher risk of infection.

Furthermore, when your wisdom teeth are impacted, it’s more difficult to brush and floss between them, making them more susceptible to infection. Impacted wisdom teeth may erupt partially, horizontally, vertically or at an angle. Each case presents unique problems that make dental hygiene more challenging for the patient.

Your dentist will take an x-ray to determine the position and angle of your wisdom teeth, speak to you about your medical history and inspect your mouth before attempting any extraction.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost?

Your wisdom teeth extraction cost will depend on your personal circumstances. The longer or more complex your extraction is, the longer you will spend in the dentist’s chair and the more expensive it will be.

treatment cost wisdom teeth removal recovery sydney

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Australia averages around $500 per tooth, according to the results οf 2017’s National Dental Fee Survey. A procedure where all four are removed at once, averages $2322. If you require general anaesthetic, your procedure is more complex and you can expect to pay between $1500 and $3000 per extracted tooth.

Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions Covered By Health Insurance?

Typically, only policies with high levels of extras will cover wisdom tooth removals. A wisdom tooth removal is considered major dental, so you would need to check your status with your provider.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Wisdom Tooth Removal?

At most it should take a week or two to recover from your wisdom tooth removal. Some people find they recover faster but having a few days to rest is important to help your body heal.

It should take up to a month for the socket to heal with gum tissue. The bone underneath the extraction will heal fully in around six months.


Recovering From Wisdom Tooth Removal

Managing pain and discomfort

Your dentist will numb the area before extracting your tooth so you will not feel anything when it is pulled out.

The day after your procedure, when the anaesthetic has worn off, you might feel some mild pain or discomfort but this can be managed by taking the painkillers your dentist prescribes for you.

Managing bleeding

You might experience some light bleeding so it’s also important to stick to the liquid-only diet your dentist will recommend. If you need to manage any bleeding you can apply light gauze with gentle pressure, or bite down on it.

Managing swelling

Some people find their cheeks or gums swell up after their wisdom teeth have been extracted. Applying an ice pack to the swollen area is an effective way to manage this.


Avoiding An Infection

In the event that you experience any of the symptoms below, you should contact your dental practitioner immediately as it may be a sign of an infection

  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop under pressure
  • An increase in swelling
  • A fever
  • A bad taste in your mouth or bad breath
  • Swelling in the neck or jaw
  • An increase in pain that doesn’t improve

Do not rinse your mouth until 12 hours after the extraction and do not touch the site with your tongue or fingers.

By following your dentist’s post-surgical advice, your risk of experiencing an infection is significantly lower.

To find out more about wisdom tooth extraction recovery, please contact us for the closest available appointment:

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