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The Dental Implant | Specialist Periodontist for Chatswood

Human beings have been losing teeth for as long as we can trace our evolution. Unlike many other species, our teeth do not grow back, and until recently, a tooth lost was a tooth gone forever. This had some very acute repercussions for one’s ability to feed themselves properly in our formative eras.

So it is of little surprise that the fossil record is rife with attempts to replace lost teeth. So far, we have discovered a remarkable range of improvised dental implants from around the world, ranging from sea shells, to stones, to animal teeth, bitumen, and even ivory. In very rare cases, these attempts fused to the bone, but in the vast majority of cases, they simply rested on the vacated gums – not a comfortable, nor desirable outcome.

One of the difficulties in dental implants has been overcoming this unwillingness of the jawbone to accept foreign substances. Early attempts at fastening screws to the bone failed, as the bone itself tends to reject stainless screws, and erode away over time. However, the properties of a particular substance were able to finally turn this corner.

Titanium Zirconium

Today, your Specialist Periodontist in Chatswood uses titanium zirconium screws to fasten dental implants to the jawbone. This substance possesses the unique ability to not only fasten to the bone long-term – it actually encourages bone growth. Once inserted in to the bone, a titanium zirconium implant provides a strong foundation for a crown or bridge.

More than a Tooth

Dental implants, fitted by your Specialist Periodontist in Chatswood at Toothsome provide a variety of benefits. They replace the missing tooth, and restore full functionality to it. But they also encourage bone growth in those areas of the jawbone that have been vacated by the lost tooth. Losing teeth means your jawbone can recede over time, something that encourages that ‘sunken’ look many elderly people feature who have lost their teeth. A dental implant stimulates and maintains your jawbone, and can help to prevent your jawline from shrinking.

Technology continues to bestow us with benefits in medical and dental fields, and titanium is among the most important in recent years. For more information on how a dental implant can help your smile, contact your favourite Sydney Periodontist at Toothsome, and make your appointment.

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