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What Can Be Done To Address Your Dental Implant Problems

When you are missing teeth, a dental implant is an excellent and evidence-based method of restoring your oral health. When you see a Specialist and expert in dental implants, Dental implant problems  are uncommon. But like any surgery, dental implant problems can happen. There is always an element of risk with any operation, no matter…

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Dental Implant Procedure – What Are The Expectations

A successful dental implant procedure provides a welcomed replacement for missing teeth. Patients can look forward to being able to chew without pain and to be able to smile with confidence. A successful implant procedure requires careful planning and meticulous attention to detail. At Toothsome, we are committed to providing tooth replacement procedures that work…


Straumann Dental Implant Information For Patients

At Toothsome, our preferred implant system is Straumann, specifically, the Straumann Roxolid SLActive Dental Implant. Dr Patty Chou (Specialist Periodontist) and Dr David Willis (Dental Surgeon) have experience placing many implant systems but have chosen Straumann as their preferred dental implant. Please click on the following links for more information about Straumann and the Roxolid…


The ultimate implant… the zygomatic implant.

A zygomatic implant is a titanium implant that is much longer than a commonly used Dental Implant. Zygomatic implants are an alternative treatment option in patients with severely resorbed maxilla (upper jaw bone), without the need for grafting procedures. As the name implies, zygomatic implants engage the most posterior part of the maxilla, then the…

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A Consumer’s Guide to Dental Implant Therapy

These days, patients have a plethora of choice when it comes to deciding how to replace missing or compromised teeth. The days of loose ill-fitting dentures, prone to breakage and falling out, are all but gone. Dental implants are the closest thing we have to real teeth. They are fixed to the jawbone giving a…

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