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Archive for September 2019

How To Get Healthy Gums – The Science Behind Gum Health

how to get healthy gums chatswood

Unhealthy gums can cause intense discomfort and even tooth loss, depending on the particular stage of gum disease. Gum health has a direct impact on your comfort and confidence in everyday life. Here are a few tips on how to get healthy gums, along with some of the science behind gum disease.   The warning…

How to Get Rid of Gum Disease? Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention
how to get rid of gum disease sydney

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease or periodontitis, is a common condition among adults that can leave gums swollen and infected and, in extreme Read more

Causes of Gum Disease and Tooth Loss and How to Prevent It?

Suffering from gum disease or tooth loss is not only physically uncomfortable, but it can also have a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Read more

Gum Disease Symptoms – Avoid The Irreversible Dental Damage
gum disease symptoms sydney

Knowing how to recognise gum disease symptoms is important to catch the condition before it causes irreversible dental damage. Look out for the symptoms of Read more

What Causes Sensitive Teeth? Learn How To Deal With It
what causes sensitive teeth baulkham hills

If you have ever felt a sharp pain after eating or drinking something cold or hot, you may be experiencing excessive tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth Read more

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What To Do When Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Occurs

pain after wisdom tooth extraction sydney

Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction   While you may not need your wisdom teeth, they can still cause problems for your overall oral health. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure that can remove infected or impacted wisdom teeth and give you a healthier smile.   What Are Wisdom Teeth? Your wisdom teeth are the…

How To Get Rid of Gingivitis – Maintain Healthy Gums
how to get rid of gingivitis sydney

If you would like to know how to treat gingivitis, the good news is that gingivitis is treatable when it is detected early. If your Read more

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery – What Can You Expect?
wisdom teeth removal recovery sydney

The experienced dental practitioners at Toothsome apply their skills and expertise to ensure our patients a speedy wisdom teeth removal recovery.  Despite the anxiety that Read more

Wisdom Teeth Pain – How To Ease The Discomfort?
wisdom teeth pain sydney

If your wisdom teeth are causing you any discomfort, it’s probably time to have them looked at by your dentist. Wisdom teeth, also known as Read more

Wisdom Tooth Infection – Everything You Need To Know
wisdom tooth infection sydney toothsome

Your wisdom teeth are the molars at the very ends of your jaw arch. It can be difficult to properly brush your wisdom teeth, making Read more

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